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Scrap Gold, what is it?

Scrap Gold is the term used for  recycling broken jewellery, coins and other items that are no longer wanted.  Recycling gold has become a large industry, driven by the high price of gold and the current global economic climate.   Selling gold jewellery has enabled people to liquidate their assets into cash.

What items are of value?

Anything gold,  broken jewellery,  gold and silver coins,  old watches,  gold teeth,  gold fillings and precious metal dental scrap will all be suitable and of value.  Hallmarked gold,  non-hallmarked gold,  silver and platinum in small or large quantities are also required.   Costume jewellery,  gold or silver plated items are not suitable and have little or no value.

24 carat pure gold will fetch a far higher price but we’re interested in all gold, from 9ct to 24ct.

Whilst recycling of your gold jewellery provides you with an opportunity to make some money from your unwanted jewellery, we also believe it is important to do something for the environment.  Recycling gold helps to reduce the requirement for gold mining and minimizes the impact on the planet’s resources.

Gold is purchased from Monday to Saturday. If you wish to post us your gold, please package it securely so it does not rattle around and take it to your local post office and send it SPECIAL DELIVERY.  This way it is insured and you can track it’s whereabouts on-line.

As the price of gold changes twice a day, our offer will be based on the price of gold on the day we receive your parcel or you visit us.  We will confirm the price we will pay to you by email or telephone,  before completing the transaction. You are under no obligation to accept our offer and have the option to cancel at this point and pay for your items to be returned.

We also buy fine jewellery,  watches and other items at MORE than metal scrap value.

Please pop in and see what you jewellery may be worth.

We also offer a service where your scrap gold can be melted and fashioned into a wedding ring or solid slave bangle. This is an excellent way to re-use old, sentimental gold and have something made especially for you.   Prices start from around £200.


Please visit our shop at 26 MONTAGUE STREET, WORTHING, W. SUSSEX. where we will be pleased to offer you our help and expertise on repairs, valuations, insurance claims, part-exchanges, etc.

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